Coffee Recipe: Chemex



  1. Measure 45 grams, or around 7 tablespoons of coffee beans
  2. Grind coffee beans to a size similar of kosher salt.
  3. Measure 725 grams of water, or about 26.5 oz.
  4. Heat to 206 degrees. To estimate temperature, bring water to boil and then remove from heat for about 45 seconds.


  1. Place filter in brewer, wet filter, and empty vessel. Add ground coffee. Tare scale, if using.
  2. Pour 100g of water, or enough to soak the grounds, and let bloom for about 45 seconds. Give this a good stir and make sure all the grounds are wet.
  3. Starting in the center, pour steadily, spiraling out to the edge of your brewer without touching the filter, and back. At this point, you've have added 450-500g of water. It's okay to not 
  4. Continue pouring slowly and gently in the center of brewer. Ultimately adding all of your water, 725g.
  5. Stir once gently around edge of brewer without touching the filter.
  6. Your coffee should finish around 4:00-4:30 minutes. If it seems to be running fast, grind coffee finer. If slow, grind coffee coarser.
  7. Enjoy your coffee!