Costa Rica || Finca Angelina (Honey Process)
Costa Rica || Finca Angelina (Honey Process)

Costa Rica || Finca Angelina (Honey Process)

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About This Coffee

This coffee comes from the Cup of Excellence-winning Aguilera family in Los Robles de Naranjos, Costa Rica. The 12 brothers and sisters share the farm work, while two brothers, Felipe and Erasmo, manage the micro-mill and drying areas.

The Aguileras hire cherry pickers from the same families year after year. Using an unique incentive—paying more for green cherries vs. red cherries—the Aguilera family ensures excellent sorting and receives the ripest cherries from their pickers, while the pickers themselves receive a better wage.

Why We Like This Coffee

This coffee is honey-processed, which means some of the cherry pulp is left to dry on the seed. This method provides the coffee an interesting depth of sweetness and body once brewed. This coffee is very approachable and comfortable but still hits a lot of bright and interesting tastes. 

What You Can Expect

This coffee is wonderfully balanced and sweet. lighter roast accentuates the tropical fruit flavors and highlights a rich sweetness that reminds me of glazed doughnuts. Please also enjoy notes of pineapple and wildflower honey while drinking this coffee. 

Importer: Cafe Imports

Varietal: Villa Sarchi

Altitude: 1450 masl

Process: Honey

340g of Whole Bean Coffee