Guatemala || Hunapu
Guatemala || Hunapu

Guatemala || Hunapu

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About This Coffee

In 2017, I visited coffee farms and a drying mill in Antigua, Guatemala during the beginning of the harvest season. Coffee here grows on the sides of volcanoes in their rich, fertile soil. This coffee in particular was grown on the side of Hunapu (also known by its Spanish name, Volcán de Agua), the large volcano that rises 11,500 ft over the city. 

Cherries were ripening on the plants with macadamia trees creating shade. Visiting the Bella Vista mill, we were able to see some of the processes in washing coffee, from depulping, fermenting, and assorted drying methods. This trip enhanced the way I think about coffee so much, particularly seeing how the entire process is so labor intensive and how many people interact with the coffee before it reaches our cups.

I brought a black-and-white 35mm film camera with me, and now years later, you can see those pictures of coffee plants and landscapes on this website and on our bags. 

Why I Like This Coffee

Guatemalan coffee was my first love when I began working in craft coffee. These coffees contain a unique and a range of flavors from deep, classic & chocolatey to airy, sweet and fruit-forward. Mainly, I wanted to share a coffee with a personal connection and extend that to you.

What You Can Expect 

This coffee has been roasted lightly for a delicate & sweet cup. I've noticed a lot of rich cocoa as a base, a marshmallow-like sweetness & body, and a finish of candied orange peels. Like most of the coffees we choose to showcase, this coffee is going to be very approachable with heaps of complexity. 

Importer: Flag Coffee Sourcers

Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon

Altitude: 1500-1800 masl

Process: Washed

In The Bag: 340g/12oz of Whole Bean Coffee