Mexico || La Yerba (Natural Process)
Mexico || La Yerba (Natural Process)

Mexico || La Yerba (Natural Process)

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KC Coffee Geek had some delightful things to say about this coffee. Read the review here!

About This Coffee

This coffee comes from the women producers in La Yerba, Nayarit, Mexico. Along with coffee, this community grows avocados as its two primary crops. The harvests of these two crops arrive at a similar time of the year, so in addition to the initial price of coffee cherries, farmers receive a price adjustment based on quality and sale price 4-6 months after harvest to keep income a bit steadier through the year.

Why We Like This Coffee

We haven't tasted many natural-process coffees from Mexico, if any, and this one was a delightful surprise. It's an interesting and fun coffee that retains plenty of classic coffee flavors, and hits the mark of being both approachable and compelling, exactly what we're trying to do here.

What You Can Expect

You'll open this bag to a sweet and rich aroma of gummy bears. After brewing this coffee, expect to taste semi-sweet dark chocolate as a base with a juicy, small stonefruit finishthink plums and apricots. 

Importer: San Cristobal Coffee Importers

Varietals: Caturra, Mundo Nova, & Bourbon

Altitude: 956 masl

Process: Natural

In The Bag: 340g/12oz of Whole Coffee Beans

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