About Embrace Coffee Roasting

Embrace is one-person, very small-batch Seattle coffee roaster. I currently roast out of shared space at Conduit Coffee alongside Lake Union.

I have worked in speciality coffee since 2013, beginning with Joe Coffee Company in Philadelphia & New York, Regard Coffee Roasters in British Columbia, and most recently at cafes in Seattle.

In the spring of 2019, I stumbled upon an opportunity to try my hand at roasting, thanks to a friend and coffee colleague. I studied up on roasting, bought some green coffee, and through a lot of trial and error, built upon some ideas and profiles, and started up Embrace Coffee Roasting.

Embrace, to us, means to be receptive to life experiences, to take opportunities as they arrive, and to run towards possibilities. It means being welcoming and accepting, and keeping that in mind as this company grows.  

Embrace's immediate goal is to present coffees that are approachable for your everyday cup and still compelling for the contemporary coffee devotee. Ultimately, we're working towards being a supportive link between growers, importers, cafes, baristas, and coffee drinkers—trying to make our small part of the industry better than we found it.

Thanks for checking us out. I'm so excited to share these coffees with you.